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frequently Asked questions

Learn what sets Coutts and Associates apart from other property management companies

Q. If our property manager is away, who is available to answer questions or make decisions?

A. Coutts & Associates Inc. is a family-run business. We always have someone available and dedicated to your property.

Q. Who do I contact in case of an emergency, after-hours, and on weekends?

A. Our clients are always given an emergency contact number to provide immediate and effective response to any emergency. Our excellent communication with owners, tenants, and boards sets us apart from other management companies.

Q. Who obtains quotes for maintenance work? Can the board suggest companies to work with?

A. We have an in-house maintenance company which offers a more efficient, cost and time-effective approach to maintenance. We invite quotes from recommended vendors, but ask that JET Contracting Inc. be afforded the opportunity to compete for RFQs whenever possible. 

Q. What is your response time to emails and phone calls from owners, tenants, or boards?

A.  Our goal is to respond as quickly as possible to EVERY inquiry, most often within 24 hours or less.

Q. Why should we choose Coutts & Associates for property management?

A. We pride our company on providing immediate, excellent service. Our decades of experience ensure you'll receive the best communication, effective conflict resolution, and priority customer service.